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We have a team dedicated to providing

Ongoing Support

Every step of the way


Saudi Arabia is the largest new automotive sales and auto parts market in the Middle East, accounting for an estimated 40 percent of all vehicles sold in the region. In 2016, Saudi Arabia imported close to a million vehicles that included passenger cars, commercial vehicles and light trucks. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest importer of cars globally. 

Why Grease Monkey

  • Grease Monkey is the largest independent franchisor of automotive quick lube and car wash in the USA with over 40 years of experience in automotive preventative maintenance operation and franchising.  The network has more than 320 outlets operating in USA, China, Canada, Latin America, and Saudi Arabia.  Every year, Grease Monkey serves more than 2 million customers with 75% of them being return customers.

  • Grease Monkey facilities are relatively simple to operate, with a streamlined operating environment and limited inventory requirements. We do not require our franchisees to have experience in the automotive industry as we provide comprehensive training and support in all aspects of center operations.

  • Grease Monkey Centers have succeeded in achieving sales growth of 3% to 5% annually thanks to the strategy of continuous improvement of services, training, and targeted marketing. These plans are developed at the company's headquarters and in cooperation with our franchisees around the world.


  • Over the past five years, with more than 307 centers open, only 7 of our Grease Monkey centers have closed.  

Get everything you need

  • A startup business plan.

  • Support in site selection.

  • Support in design, construction or retrofit as well as access to all contractors for execution and fit-out.

  • Support in procuring all necessary equipment, devices and tools as well as access to an approved list of vendors.

  • Support in selecting the necessary technical operational and accounting systems.

  • A comprehensive operating manual.

  • Initial training for managers and technicians (for 10 days)

  • Access to Grease Monkey online training platform.

  • Support in the operating process and work flows.

  • Benefit from special rates and discounted prices from our supply chain network.

  • Marketing support.

  • Support in promotions.

  • Support in managing fleet accounts.

  • Annual meeting with Grease Monkey management and franchisees.

Other Services

  • Real estate development contract:

    • Complete site design including engineering, electrical, mechanical and basic drawings.

    • Work (on behalf of the investor) to issue all permits and licenses necessary for construction and operation.

    • Supplying all materials, equipment and trims from our network of approved suppliers.

    • Supervision of construction, installation and preparation of the entire site.

    • Project management.

    • Reporting of progress.

  • Management contract:

    • Recruitment and training

    • Develop strategies and objectives specified for the center

    • Site opening and operation

    • Site operation and daily operations.

    • Legal assistance

    • Developing and implementing promotional plans

    • Accounting and financial reporting

  • Funding support:

    • Representing the franchisee with financing agencies (such as commercial banks, credit banks, and financing companies)

    • Providing feasibility studies and presenting to investment entities (such as investment funds and endowments)

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