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Assistant Technician

Position Overview

The Courtesy Technician is responsible for:

  1. Tasks that the customer can most readily see, such as vacuuming, cleaning the windows, and setting the tire pressure. Performing these duties with care and professionalism will create a positive impression with the customer.

  2. Participating in sales, cross-sell, and control of expenses


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Center Performance: Achieving budgeted center sales, cross-sell, and profitability through promotions, social marketing, and control of expenses.

  2. Customer Relationship Management: The customer experience is everyone’s responsibility. The Courtesy Technician is the first to greet customers, handle their vehicles with care, assist in documentation, and execute the valet service.

  3. Support Services: Performing check-in procedures safely and with care, drive the vehicles to and from the service bays, clean interior and exterior, and thank the customers when returning their cars.

  4. Other Responsibilities:  In addition to the duties listed above, every crew member is responsible for general center maintenance and cleaning duties such as mopping, washing center windows, lawn mowing, clearing litter, dust from the site, and cleaning restrooms. Crew members must attend crew meetings and run errands as required, as well as other duties assigned by a supervisor.


Job Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Customer service skills

  • Basic literacy (ready, writing, math skills)

  • Ability and licensed to operate motor vehicles

  • Verbal communication skills

  • Ability to properly use mechanical hand tools

  • Attention to details


Working Conditions

  • Materials and Equipment Used: Vacuum cleaner, window wash, tire pressure gauge, plastic seat covers and floor mats.

  • Environment: Frequent exposure to outside weather elements, noise, and vehicle exhaust fumes throughout entire shift.

  • Physical Activities: Position requires good corrected vision, hearing, frequent standing, walking, climbing, stooping, crouching, handling, reaching, and lifting.



Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



Various shifts from 9AM to 11PM



  • Competitive Salaries

  • Very attractive incentive scheme (bonus)

  • Medical Insurance

  • Paid Vacation / Holidays

  • Ongoing Training Program through Grease Monkey University (based in Denver, USA)

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